Kristin Dibeh has been preparing my clients for childbirth for most of my midwifery career.

 By Christine Thain, Licensed Midwife

Kristin Dibeh has been preparing my clients for childbirth for most of my midwifery career. In my experience her students are knowledgeable and confident.  They demonstrate a thorough understanding of the birth process and have the necessary skills to work through an un-medicated labor and birth.  In addition, they are prepared to advocate for themselves and for their babies in the rare instance they are transported to a hospital.  Kristin has a wealth of information in these pages and if you cannot take her class, her workbook is the next best thing.  Christine Thain, Licensed Midwife

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By Becca on December 4, 2015

Format: Paperback

Okay, here's the deal. Being pregnant is overwhelming. There is so much to know to "do things right." What to eat, how to exercise, writing a birth plan... And then, you know, you've gotta actually deliver the kid. When my wife and I got pregnant I bought all the books. You name it, it was on my bed side table. Little did I know I could have saved myself the time, the money, and the frustration over sterile and boring books that scare you about all the things you may be doing wrong. Expecting Kindness demystifies pregnancy, labor, delivery, and welcoming a new baby while delivering a much needed dose of chill surrounding the whole process. Reading this book felt like talking to a supporting and well informed friend. Like having a doula in your back pocket. And let's be real- everyone could use a pocket doula. Kristin Dibeh can be your pocket doula. I would recommend this book to anyone welcoming a baby into the world- not just pregnant mamas. This book was the only one my wife actually agreed to read and she loved it too. It is down to earth, informative, at times humorous, always accessible. Thank you, Kristin, for helping us gear up to let go of all expectations as our little girl made her way into the world and into our hearts.

Wonderful! If you can get the author to be your Doula, even better!

By Paula on February 6, 2014

I highly recommend this book for anyone expecting a baby, either for yourself or as a gift. I had the pleasure of taking childbirth classes directly from the author, Kristin. The atmosphere was so much fun and relaxed, it was my time to connect with myself and my baby after a busy day. Then we were very lucky to have Kristin as our Doula for the birth of our first son, we like to think we couldn’t have done a natural unmedicated birth without her assistance within a hospital environment. Because of her classes, we also felt very informed about what our choices were, rather than accepting passively all that the hospitals make you follow procedures. It was so eye opening to learn that, yes, we have a voice, and we can defer certain interventions and procedures.

We had a beautiful birth, and I am so thankful she was by our side allowing my husband and I to focus on our baby, empowering us.

When I learned I was expecting a second child, my first phone call was to Kristin, asking if she again could be our Doula. As a second time mom her method, now into this beautiful book, was just what I needed to remind myself of what I was going through. Reminding important topics on nutrition and exercise, and so much more on relaxation and on the big day ahead of us, when you get to hold your baby. This time around I felt that with my husband and Kristin by my side, and my mom looking after my toddler, a home birth would be most suitable for us, and sure enough, a dream came true.

Just to wrap, even if you feel a home birth isn't right for you, or even an unmedicated birth, read about it from Kristin;s perspective and inform yourself and most importantly expect nothing but kindness towards you and your growing family.

Best Natural Childbirth book out there!

By Stephanie on August 14, 2013

This book is the best book I have read to prepare for natural childbirth. It is clear and to the point. The author is amazingly positive and empowering. I highly recommend this book!

Knowledge is power

By Paul on September 21, 2014

My wife and I took Kristin's birthing class and hired her as our doula for the birth of our first child in the winter of 2013. The book was an excellent companion to the class, with well-organized chapters and clear, simple language. I felt it demystified many aspects of childbirth where common knowledge or conventional wisdom may not be entirely correct. As an individual with a background in critical incident management, I also appreciated the discussion of the risks inherent in many common medical interventions - risks that many medical providers are not entirely forthcoming about. As a husband, I felt this book was an invaluable resource for gaining an understanding what my wife would be going through, and how best to handle any issues if trouble arose.

Finally a book about empowering women during their birth experience

By billina16 on December 23, 2013

I read this book before the birth of my second baby, and what a difference my birth experience was than that of my first! In the book, Kristin does an incredible job preparing both mom and dad for labor and delivery. She gives real life examples of how the birth process works. But, most importantly to me, were her tips throughout the different stages of labor. These tips and techniques were things I could really wrap my head around, relate too and incorporate during labor/delivery.

Things like looking at the pressure or uncomfortableness of labor as what it is - your moving down the birth canal. Wow! How empowering to hear that! Kristin reminds readers that the pressure mom feels during labor is good. That it means your baby is working, and you're getting closer to meeting baby. She reminds readers how to look positively at labor and work with the pressure, rather than be in fear of it.

With my first child, I delivered in the hospital and took hospital birth classes. I read books like, What to Expect When You're Expecting. And, while a great resource, I now know how unprepared I was for labor. Labor was hard and scary for me - I didn't know what to expect, why my body was doing what it was doing, and what it all meant. Honestly, I felt a little lost.

However, after reading Expecting Kindness, Kristin's techniques and outlook at it relates to labor and delivery help mom (and dad) feel more in control of the labor process - which is difficult to do, considering the unknowns that comes with labor in general. Throughout my entire labor with my second, I pictured some of the visuals Kristin outlines in her book, I pictured words she called out - this was extremely empowering. I also felt like I was more aware of what stage of labor I was at, in the process. I knew what my body was doing and WHY. And, then could better prepare to get through that specific stage, and knew what the next stage would bring.

Whether you are delivering in a hospital, a birth center or at home, this book is about empowering women (and their coaches). It's about educating women in a way that will make your birth experience a positive one - and making you more aware of the process than you probably have ever been exposed too.

Great book to read, whether for your first child or your fourth! 

By Laura L. on September 1, 2014

Loved this book! It was a great refresher before we had our 2nd child. I love how Kristin puts such a positive spin on childbirth, but also prepared you for any situation that may crop up. Easy to read, non-judgemental, very informative. Thumbs up all around! I can also tell you from personal experience that Kristin is a fabulous doula - so she doesn't just talk the talk but she walks the walk, and she writes from first hand experience. I highly recommend this book!

All the tools you need to be prepared!

By RL Heyer on September 22, 2014

This is a great book. My wife and I also took Kristin's birthing class based around the book. We found ourselves extremely prepared for our whole birthing experience, which was for a home birth until my wife had to be transferred to the hospital. The book even gave us great tools for the hospital experience, namely how to sift through what doctors are saying vs what they mean.

Highly recommended!

You can!

By Reid on July 27, 2014

Amazing, easy to read book for any mother whether it's her first pregnancy or fifth. Reading this book while preparing for the birth of my second child I felt excited and empowered by the wonderful things I knew were coming and prepared for the challenges I knew I would be faced with. Kristin takes a positive, realistic and encouraging approach which was exactly what I needed and wanted. I highly recommend this book for any mother, but also birth partner or care giver.

Great and thorough!

By Melanie A. Harper on June 1, 2014

I really enjoyed this book. As a natural childbirth educator, this is a book that I feel like will guide my students through their stages of labor and gives ideas of how to handle them. Along with that, I love that she helps to educate them on their birth choices. It's a definite recommend!

The only birthing book you will need

By Caroline on September 20, 2013

We used Kristin's birth curriculum, took her classes, and she was our doula. I now give this book to my close friends who are expecting. It's clear, smart, full of useful, non-scary information that will put you in charge of your birth experience. Some natural birth books are a bit too "granola" for me. Not this one. Her approach is straight forward with lots of tenderness and humor thrown in. I highly recommend her book!

Planning a Natural Birth? Take This Course or At Least Read this Book!, July 31, 2013

By Doula Melissa on July 31, 2013

Having taken this class myself, having had a natural birth in a birth center - delivering in the water with a doula (Kristin, the author), midwife, midwife's assistant, my husband, mom, and sister, and now being a doula myself, using this curriculum to teach and spread the word about planning a positive birth experience with natural birth goals, having gone through other classes, certifying as a doula, reading other books, and still soaking up everything I can about birth, I can boldly say that this curriculum is the best preparatory tool for women who have created a natural birth vision for themselves. Hands down.

Birth is both magical and biological. It takes intention, preparation, perseverance, and the ability to tap into one's spirituality or higher power. I believe in the design, power, and beauty of labor and birth. I believe that women who are healthy, prepared, given the appropriate time and space to labor uninterrupted, and have the proper support, (including a doula in addition to their moral support and medical team), can overcome a whole slough of unnecessary interventions and obstacles. Birth matters, and by empowering women to birth their babies safely and naturally, we help ensure healthier beginnings, stronger bonds, and overall more positive outcomes.

Expecting Kindness celebrates the magic inherent in birth while paying homage to it's biological, physiological, mental, and emotional properties. This curriculum is a living, breathing tool, and will continue to evolve just as we do.

Thank you Kristin for living this.

"My life is my message," Mahatma Ghandi